At the end of May, President Obama signed legislation into law that will make life-saving epinephrine auto-injectors more available to schools so that children with food allergies can be treated in an emergency.

The law creates incentives for states to pass legislation to allow schools to stock auto-injectors, like the EpiPen, without specific student prescriptions and create liability limitations for staff who administer them. Bipartisan and much-touted, the new law gives grants to help school districts pay for the injectors and training for staff to use them.

With one in 13 children having a food allergy (averaging two per classroom) and with nearly 20 percent of all food allergy reactions occurring in schools, the law is expected to help save children’s lives.

Several states have already adopted laws that make them eligible for the federal money to help pay for the costs of stocking epinephrine injectors.

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