Quick response barcodes, or QR codes, have thousands of applications. You may have seen them on museum walls, on the back of product packaging, or near store shelves. Now, they’re even being used by restaurants hoping to offer their customers more detailed information about the food selection.

Scanning the code with a smartphone presents a wealth of information. For example, in the restaurant setting, QR codes on menus can bring up ingredient lists and allergen information. Customers access this information by scanning the code with their phone.

Gipsee Inc. recently introduced a QR code service intended to help restaurant guests make more informed decisions based on their food allergies and food restrictions. The Aurora, Colorado company has already begun implementing the service in the MADgreens restaurant chain, based in Denver.

Convenience a Factor

According to Atul Ahuju, cofounder of Gipsee, “The practical part of utilizing QR codes in this mode is that customers have access to relevant information in the palm of their hands, at the time of ordering.” Currently, although many restaurants do make food allergen information available, it is usually found on their website or in a separate pamphlet that may not be offered to customers upon entering the restaurant. QR codes provide additional convenience, making it easier than ever to dine out with food allergies.

Have you noticed any of your local restaurants using QR codes to provide additional menu information?

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