A new study suggests that up to 7 percent of adults may have a dietary intolerance to alcohol.

The research, conducted by German scientists, found that “wine intolerance” may impact 8.9% of women and 5.2% of men. This means that wine intolerance may be more prevalent than previously believed, and likely occurs at a similar rate as other common food sensitivities.

The study involved questionnaires returned by 948 people between the ages of 20 and 69. The questionnaires asked participants to list the symptoms they experienced after consuming certain types of alcohol. Some people who drank red wine later experienced allergy-like symptoms such as itchiness, feeling flushed, and nasal congestion. The researchers found that participants who reported symptoms after consuming wine were also more likely to report other food intolerances or allergies.

Cause of Symptoms is Undetermined

Researchers have not yet determined what exactly is causing the symptoms. In 2010,MSNBCreported on a Danish study that suggests that allergy-like symptoms after drinking wine are caused by glycoproteins, which occur in wine as a result of fermentation. Other potential culprits include grains, sulfites, or histamine. According to theMayo Clinican intolerance to one of these ingredients is more likely when symptoms are only linked to specific kinds of alcohol, such as beer or wine.

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