The Centre for Plant Biotechnology and Genomics set out to study allergies to peaches, focusing on the most common allergen and working to find others.

The researchers pinpointed three variants of the Pru p 3 protein, commonly associated with peach allergies.

The work is believed to be the grounding for study into immunotherapy options using the variants to formulate specific therapy for peach allergies. The possibility of a vaccine may also be explored.

Growing concern in Spain and the Mediterranean

Although peach allergy is relatively rare compared to other food allergies, it is of growing concern in some populations including Spain and the Mediterranean. Its rarity means it is rarely tested or labeled for, making it more difficult for those who have it to manage their allergy.

The researchers hope that an immunotherapy option could be had, based on this research, thus allowing those with a peach allergy to have recourse towards better protection from reactions.

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