September 28, 2023

Researchers Find Possible Solution to Poor Flour Quality in Gluten Allergies

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Researchers have published a paper in the journal BMC Plant Biology showing results from a what gluten protein study into growing low-omega-5 wheat which has better properties for being made into flour for baked goods. The study focused on previous research which had found that omega-5 gliadins were a major source of environmental variability and associated with food allergy wheat-dependent anaphylaxis.

New lines of wheat have been developed that reduce omega-5 gliadins, giving the researchers the chance to find out whether environmental conditions affect the end-use quality of the flour.

In short, by carefully controlling the environment in which the wheat strains were grown, the researchers could find out the optimal temperature, humidity, fertilization, etc. for making low-omega-5 wheat that has the best flour-making properties. This could potentially lead to better-quality gluten-free products.

The researchers concluded that the amount of omega-5 gliadins in wheat has a negative effect on quality. Eliminating this known allergen was accomplished through use of these new transgenic lines of wheat as well as careful environmental control which, in turn, gives an indication as to where this wheat could be grown outdoors, at scale, for similar results.

Find the research here.

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