Restaurant owners and managers are turning to electronic learning formats to increase employee awareness and continual training on allergens in food service. The programs reduce legal liabilities as well.

Allergen e-learning programs such as those provided by companies like DiscoverLink and MenuTrinfo are extensions of more thorough, certified training. These programs keep employees in food service abreast of current trends as well as reinforce prior learning.

In some cases, the e-learning becomes the primary source of information and certification for restaurants.

Tracking who has received training and who has not can be difficult.

Keeping track of which employees have been trained in specific allergen awareness and how far along they are in specific programs is not always easy. Restaurant managers now often use online tools, often connected to the e-learning platform they’ve chosen, to implement.

Legally, these verifiable records can be invaluable if the restaurant is taken to court for liability in a food allergy case. They can also prove valuable in keeping certifications in some municipalities current.

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