The Indian River School District in Selbyville, Delaware plans to hire a dietician to help the district comply with new federal rules regarding school lunches. According to Clifton Toomey, the district’s supervisor of nutrition services, they hope to hire a dietician in time for the start of the next school year.

According to Toomey, who spoke withDelmarva Now!, the new school lunch regulations include calorie guidelines and place an emphasis on incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into the menu. The dietician will build the school district’s lunch menus and provide fact sheets for parents.

He or she will also assist in managing food allergy, a role that Toomey says has occupied more of his time in recent years. Within the school district, there are currently at least 532 students with diagnosed food allergies. Toomey commented “Food allergies have more than doubled in the time I’ve been here. If the trends continue, I wonder where we’ll be in the next couple of years.” His experience is supported by data that shows rising food allergy rates among school-aged children across the United States.

What do you think of the district’s plan to have a dietician on staff to deal with food allergy issues?

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