September 28, 2023

Study finds that many deficiencies in the diagnosis of food allergies persist

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A study conducted in Canada outlines the often deficient food allergy diagnosis process and several factors contributing to it.

The Canadian study involved 208 food allergic patients, who answered questions about their allergies and the process of diagnosis, including follow-up through the process.

The patients were all diagnosed within the 12-month window of the study and were monitored and surveyed throughout the year to find out their disposition.

Deficiencies in the diagnosis of food allergies

The study concluded that often the allergic reaction would have to take place multiple times before a diagnosis could be given, prolonged waits to receive approval for an allergist were often vexing to the diagnostic process, and family anxiety about the allergy was often exacerbated by these delays and uncertainties.

The researchers involved in the study hope that it’s findings can be used to inform the development of better educational and diagnostic strategies within the Canadian healthcare system.

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