A survey of parents whose children have food allergies found that they believe there isn’t enough public awareness of allergies in schools and restaurants. The survey also offered interesting insights into the way parents feel about their children’s nut allergies.

Quality of Life

The survey, conducted by Vermont Nut Free Chocolates, found that 93% of the 1,530 parents surveyed had a child who has been diagnosed with a nut allergy. Of these, 70% are allergic to both tree nuts and peanuts. The survey revealed that 40% of the parents believe that their child’s quality of life is “somewhat impacted” by the nut allergy, and 27% felt it was “greatly impacted.”

The Nut-Free Experience

The study also shed light on how parents of children with nut allergies feel about shopping for food and sending their child to school. It found that 87% of parents feel that not enough nut-free products are available, and 56% find it difficult to find nut-free products for their children. 52% think parents, teachers, and school officials are “somewhat understanding” about nut allergies, while many others feel that schools don’t go far enough to protect their children from an allergic reaction.

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