An Illinois father of a girl with tree nut allergies has designed a kit that dispenses EpiPens, the popular epinephrine auto-injectors, for emergency use in schools, along with accompanying cabinets for storage of prescription pens.

The cabinets, called Epi-NOW cabinets, were developed to be used by schools.

In case of emergency

When his school district wasn’t sure where they would find funding to quickly deploy ephinephrine injectors in schools, the inventor stepped forward and donated $8,000 worth of cabinets and EpiPens to the district after a child in the district suffered a reaction and was hospitalized.

The Epi-NOW cabinet has an EpiPen and an emergency inhaler kit that can be mounted in hallways or classrooms for fast access in an emergency. These are locked with a key but can be opened by breaking a plastic tab, similar to how fire alarms usually work. The larger EpiSHED cabinet is stored in nurse’s or administrative offices for prescription-specific pens. The pens are organized with photos and identification for each child for fast, easy identification.

Brandon Wilson, the inventor and donor, spoke in front of the school district board when he made the donation and said that they shouldn’t wait until a near-fatal incident or death sparks an outcry for action. He made sure they have no excuses.

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