September 28, 2023

University of Nebraska Expands Food Science Department for Food Allergy Research

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The University if Nebraska houses a world-renowned Food Science Department which is now expanding with a new Food Innovation Center to include more food allergy research.

A growing public-private partnership at the university built the new Food Innovation Center as part of the Nebraska Innovation Campus project. Opening in time for the new school year, the center houses scientists and research from a broad range of food-related fields as well as private companies interested in moving forward.

One of the key research areas for the new center are food allergies. “We have the Food Allergy Research and Resource Program which is very unique in the world. Our scientists go all over the world and have a lot of research and good answers to good questions,” said Dr. Rolando Flores at the UNFSD.

A particular focus at the center will be on genetically modified crops and their potential effects on food allergies (both good and bad). Another focus is with the producers of the food itself.

Touring the campus and providing the basis for research are food producers.

Agricultural concerns and farms, ranging in specialty from corn to pork to wheat, are involved in the new Food Innovation Center. Working closely with researchers, these producers are learning more about how their base products effect the consumer.

Also included are entrepreneurs, bringing new ideas for food innovation. A special consulting program at the University of Nebraska embraces new business and ideas with access to research programs and academic results.

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