Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is part of a new campaign to raise awareness about severe food allergies. The Anaphylaxis Preparedness Campaign is sponsored by Mylan, Inc. with Peterson speaking on television and in various venues to let people know that life-threatening food allergies are real.

Peterson himself has had a severe reaction to eating seafood gumbo. He’d had the dish before, but something in this particular one was different and caused an allergic reaction he’d never experienced before. Now he’s talking about that and how it changes the way a person and their family thinks about food.

Peterson’s reaction occurred shortly after eating the seafood gumbo and luckily, his athletic trainer knew what was happening and had an epinephrine autoinjector on hand to help. Peterson later found out that he is allergic to certain shellfish.

The campaign will run through the summer with three lucky kids winning a trip to the Viking’s training camp through a Ready2Go campaign.

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