The Virginia House of Delegates has passed legislation requiring restaurants in the state to train employees to be aware of customers with food allergy and safety issues.

Keam’s House Bill 2090 and its senate companion bill 1260 (introduced by Senator Deeds) passed both chambers of the Virginia legislature last week. Both bills are now going to the governor’s desk for signature.

Delegate Keam headed legislation

“When this bill goes into full effect, Virginians who suffer from food allergies can be comforted knowing that every restaurant in the Commonwealth will have staff knowledgeable about food safety issues,” said Delegate Keam. “I want to thank my young constituent Claire Troy for coming to Richmond to testify on its behalf, as well as the Virginia Restaurant Association and Department of Health staff for working with me on this important legislation.”

The bill was offered Jan. 14 and amends the food service licensing rules in Virginia to include requirements for food allergy safety handling according to materials that are ordered to be written by the state’s restaurant board.

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