A new study shows gene markers which are similar to horoscopes, though based on seasons, and which are set according to our inception. In short, the season a person is born within may determine risk of allergies.

The DNA marker, the study says, methylation, is associated with the season of birth and is still present at 18 years of age or more. This epigenetic marker was shown by the study to be linked to greater risks for certain potential allergies and symptoms such as eczema (risk higher for those born in the fall).

The findings for the study were published in the journal Allergy was lead by Gabrielle Lockett from the University of Southampton in Britain.

Epigenetic markers are attached to DNA and affect gene expression.

This means that the markers can be passed on to offspring. Specifically, these markers affect the process by which genes are activated to produce a protein.

The researchers expect that the study’s results will have clinical implications in mediating against allergy risk, but more work will need to be done to specify what the risks are and how they affect various allergies.

Source: NDTV.com

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