September 27, 2023

Your Soft Drink Could Contain Carcinogens And Allergens

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Do you really know what’s in your cola? As you may know, many sodas contain high amounts of sugars, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, and preservatives. But did you know that some contain alcohol, along with other ‘surprise’ ingredients you may be trying to avoid? Recently, a French consumer magazine published a list of chemicals detected in 20 colas analyzed by the National Institute of Consumption (INC) in Paris. Researchers found that nearly all brands of soda are potential sources of carcinogens and allergens.

What’s In Your Drink?

Many soda companies, including Pepsi and Coca-Cola, claim that their recipes are trade secrets. They have refused to provide a full list of the plant extracts and other ingredients in their sugary drinks. The scientific analysis of popular colas revealed many different plants and spices, including citrus, nutmeg, and cinnamon, along with certain compounds, such as terpenes, which are considered allergens. They also found controversial additives including phosphoric acid and the coloring E150d (also known as sulphite ammonia caramel). Almost half of the tested sodas also contained low doses of alcohol, averaging about 0.001%.

With food allergies on the rise, consumers have a right to know what’s in their drink. Is it time for soda manufacturers to become more open about their ingredients?

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