An excellent alternative to peanut butter, almond butter is just as versatile and tasty. For the most part, it is no different than other nut butters in terms of storage and handling.

How to store your almond butter depends on the type you buy. Since many almond butters are made with raw, organic almonds with no preservatives, care should be taken to keep the food fresh and avoid spoilage.

Try to use the almond butter within a week. Store in a cool, dark place. Do not leave your almond butter in the sun or in heat.

In any case, always make sure your nut butter lid is tightly in place and that there are no bread crumbs or other substances in the jar when you close it. Cross-contamination should be a concern, especially if someone in your household has allergies, and it will shorten the shelf-life of your almond butter.

Where should organic almond butter be stored?

If it is organic and made without stabilizers or preservatives, refrigeration is recommended. This will also extend the life of your investment – organic nut butters are more expensive.

How long does almond butter last when refrigerated?

If you want to store your almond butter for longer than a week, you should move it to the refrigerator. Keeping it in a cold environment will help to prevent the natural oils from turning rancid and rendering the almond butter useless. It can last up to three months in the refrigerator. Almond butter can even be stored in the freezer, where it can stay for four to six months without any affect on flavor.

What does almond butter look/smell like when it’s gone bad?

You’ll know if your almond butter has gone bad by the smell. If it’s rancid, it’s going to smell like it. Throw it away immediately.

If the food has liquefied, that’s also a bad sign. The butter should be a spreadable solid, not a liquid. There will be some separation of oil and nut solids, but that is not what is being referred to here. If the nut solids have gone liquid, it’s bad.

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