September 21, 2023

Peanut-free and Hand-crafted Sweets Delivered To Your Door

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Maybe you are one of the more than three million people in the U.S.1 who are allergic to peanuts. You may have a child, spouse, or students in a classroom, with a peanut allergy. If so, you will be happy to know that giving yourself or those you care about a delicious peanut-free snack is now a whole lot easier.

Imagine treating yourself to mouth-watering, no-peanuts-allowed buttercup confections by having them delivered to your front door. Think about the convenience of having flavorful Em’s Almond Butter or Sparkling Sugar Cookies sent to your child’s school for a class party. You can make yourself the office gift-giving hero by mailing a no-peanut sweet-treat gift basket to clients as a thank you.

The Dollface Desserts Story

This is possible because one woman with a passion for creating awesome peanut-free snacks, Emily Lewis, has made it a business to share her edible handiwork with the rest of us. She calls her enterprise Dollface Desserts.

Emily and her business partner Julie have been busy sharing their peanut-less products at farmer’s markets, community events, boutiques, small grocery shops, and on Etsy for some time. Now that they have established a Dollface website, you can order and enjoy their tasty concoctions as well.

Some of the inspiration for Dollface Desserts comes from Emily’s mother. She showed Emily who has a peanut allergy, that any recipe can be modified to fit specific dietary needs. “Often when I came home from school my mom was preparing something to indulge my dad’s sweet tooth. She always went out of her way to alter recipes so that I too could indulge…”

All Peanut-Free, All Tasty, and All Online

Now, you can indulge your sweet tooth by visiting Em and Jewel’s online enterprise, Dollface Desserts. All their cookies and candies are 100% peanut free and made in a zero-tolerance-for-peanuts kitchen. They are pleased to say, “We take out the peanuts and add the love!” Plus, everything is baked fresh to order.

Eating foods prepared in a peanut-free kitchen is vital for those with a peanut allergy because the allergic reactions are potentially fatal. For some individuals, even peanut oil residue touching their skin can trigger a life-threatening response. Em and Jewels know this and assure their customers they have nothing to fear.

Dollface Desserts Understands Peanut Allergy

Emily understands allergy sufferers’ concerns about eating peanut tainted foods because she shares them, and delights in creating candies and desserts that she and others can enjoy. Her friend and partner, Julie, previously worked as a schoolteacher on a peanut-free campus. She realizes there is a need for snacks and treats that are safe for kids and adults with a peanut allergy.

Thanks to the efforts of these two enterprising women, peanut avoidant individuals can now enjoy, worry-free, the decadent delicacies created at Dollface Desserts. Even those of us without a peanut allergy cannot help being tempted by Anything but the Peanut BrittleSalted Caramel Corn, or their selection of freshly baked cookies. The world needs more happy, and Dollface Desserts hopes to deliver some to you.

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