Are you looking for delicious and nutritious peanut-free food, but are having trouble finding options that you can be sure are allergen-free? Many people with food allergies have found online shopping to be the best way to find a wide selection of ‘safe’ foods. This is especially true for those who don’t have access to a dedicated peanut-free bakery or a well-stocked supermarket carrying brands that cater to those with allergies. Luckily, Peanut Free Planet offers a solution, providing more than 200 peanut-free treats made for those with allergies.

Peanut Free Planet offers a wide selection of peanut butter alternatives, chocolates, candy, granola bars, and other treats. Rest easy knowing that nothing available here has been processed with peanuts. In addition to being free from peanuts, many are also safe for those with other common food allergies, such as eggs, milk, and gluten. All of their product lines are grouped by allergen to help you find food that is safe for you. The selection includes many products that have recently been introduced as well as great peanut-free foods from smaller companies that you may not be able to find near you.

The company was founded in 2006 to offer peanut-free products at prices that fit comfortably within the grocery budgets of real families. Are you looking for discounts for your Peanut Free Planet grocery shopping? Check out Peanut Free Planet coupon codes to save even more off their already affordable prices. Thanks to Peanut Free Planet, finding delicious treats that are safe for everyone is finally easy!

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