September 21, 2023

Tips And Ideas For Peanut-Free Snacks For Your Kids

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Does your child have a severe peanut allergy, attend a peanut-free school, or have friends with peanut allergies. If so, then you understand the importance of accommodating the peanut-free requirement in the snacks that you give your kids. Here are a few tips and ideas for peanut free snacks for kids.

First, keep it simple. Fresh or dried fruits and vegetables make a nutritious and delicious peanut-free snack. Whole fruits such as bananas, oranges, and apples make great options, along with cut up celery and carrot sticks. Be cautious about fruit snacks, as well as any fruit or vegetable dip, as they may contain peanut products. Looking for another healthy and fresh food option? Many dairy products, including cheese cubes, string cheese, and yogurt, are safe for those with peanut-allergies.

What about satisfying a sweet tooth? Many kids prefer a sugary snack, and while you should consider healthy snacks, an occasional treat won’t hurt. For those with peanut allergies, ice cream and baked goods are tricky, as most are processed in facilities that also use peanuts. Nevertheless, there are varieties out there that are known to be safe for those with an allergy to peanuts. One of the best ways to avoid peanut contamination with baked snacks is to make cookies and other treats yourself at home.

No matter what you select for a snack, always read the label. Peanut ingredients show in a surprising array of pre-packaged snack foods. Even if you have purchased the same brand before, always read the label. Manufacturers can change production methods at any time. Also, some varieties of a particular snack may be peanut-free while the rest are processed with peanuts.

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