People believed for many years that all fat should be avoided if you want to lose weight. Most doctors no longer offer this advice because now it is known that some fats actually help you to lose weight. Pine nut oil is one of these foods.

Pine nuts are full of pinolenic acids that are omega-6 fatty acids. These acids help release cholecystokinin (CCK), which is a hormone that works in the body to suppress hunger. According to author and nutritionist Julie Daniluk, post-menopausal women who use pine nut oil for weight loss have increased levels of the hormone cholecystokinin. They also have less hunger and eat less.

Research on Pine Nut Oil for Weight Loss

The results of a study involving pine nut oil were presented to the American Physiological Society in 2006 by Alexandra Einerhand, director of nutrition and toxicology-Europe. The research involved women who were given either pine nut oil or an olive oil placebo. Those in the pine nut group had 29 percent less desire to eat and actually ate 36 percent less. These women had a 60 percent increase in CCK in their bodies, which lasted up to four hours after being given the pine seed oil. Einerhand also presented the results of two other studies that revealed differences in how men and women lost weight using pine nut oil.

Einerhand presented the results of a human test involving pine nut oil which lasted for six months. Women lost weight from their abdomens and legs, and men lost weight from their abdomens. Fat on the arms was not lost by either men or women. Loss of fat from the abdomen is thought to be the most important type of fat loss since this type of fat is related to an increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Einerhand’s studies involved Korean pine nuts that released peptide hormones in test subjects. The fatty acids in these nuts affected the appetite of those in the study who had higher levels of CCK and GLP1 in their blood plasma after consuming pine nut oil.

Past and Current Use of Pine Nut Oil

The Siberian culture has used pine nut oil for many years. During the extremely cold, harsh winters, the oil was eaten to suppress appetite when there was little food to eat. People today are beginning to realize the power of pine nut oil in weight loss, and these nuts are popular additives to many foods. They can be ground to release the oil and to make it easier for the body to absorb.

A Healthy Snack, But Allergy Is Possible

Whether or not you are interested in losing weight, pine nuts are a healthy snack. They can help you feel full from 30 minutes to two hours after eating them. Individuals have different reactions to pine oil, and anyone with a peanut allergy should check with his or her allergist to check for an allergy to pine nuts.

How to Enjoy Pine Nuts and Pine Nut Oil

It is easy to add pine nuts to salads, noodles and other foods in addition to eating them plain. It is recommended that the nuts and pine nut oil should be
eaten raw to get the most benefit from them. When you put them in a food processor, you can make a spread to put on bread or crackers, or they can be made into pesto. There are also many pine nut oil supplements in capsule form that can be purchased online or in your neighborhood stores.

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