TheSan Francisco Chroniclereports that a new website, Allergy Eats online (at provides a directory of thousands of restaurants across the U.S. The innovative new site was launched by a father of five. Three of his kids have food allergies; after finding out how difficult it was to find a restaurant that was safe for them all, he got the idea to create the site.

Each restaurant profile includes menus (including allergen-free and gluten-free menus, if available), allergen lists, nutritional information, certifications, user reviews, and other information about the restaurant that may be useful to guests with food allergies. There are currently more than 600,000 restaurants with information in the Allergy Eats directory. If you use the guide, don’t forget to rate the restaurants you’ve visited to add to the allergy information available to future site users.

To get started, type in the name of a restaurant, a city, or an address. The Allergy Eats website will display the restaurant’s five-star rating, based on the allergy friendliness (not how good the food is or other factors used to calculate the rating on other restaurant directories). There is also an app for iPhone and Android users to find restaurants on the go.

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