A new company called AllerGuarder has launched a Kickstarter program to develop a bluetooth-powered food allergy awareness wristband and smartphone app. The campaign seeks to raise $25,000 for development and production of the technology.

The system works by “loading” the wristband with a child’s allergy information. Whenever the child comes into contact with someone who has installed the AllerGuarder smartphone app will immediately get an alert when they are in proximity of the wristband. The alert contains basic allergy information without personally identifying information for the child.

Those with special “Trusted Friend” status also gain access to specific medical and more detailed, personal information for emergency use.

The app and wristband work within a 50-foot radius, depending on circumstances and environmental interference.

Started by concerned parents.

The AllerGuarder system was founded by parents and technologists who were worried about children’s food allergies. The CEO of the company, Avram Weissman, has two children who have life-threatening food allergies.

The AllerGuarder system can be pre-ordered through its Kickstarter campaign for $30.

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