The world’s first at-home allergy test has recently been introduced.

MyAllergyTest® is designed to test for 10 key allergen triggers. The kit is distributor by ImmuneTech, Inc., a developer of in-home wellness and health diagnostic products.

Medical experts agree that pinpointing the cause of allergies is the first step in allergy management. However, many people do not receive an official diagnosis from a doctor before cutting foods out of their diet because they believe them to be allergenic.

The new test would allow people to rule out suspected allergies, or receive confirmation that they may be allergic to a particular food, before visiting their doctor for a more thorough test.


MyAllergyTest® is the first at-home allergy test kit to be cleared by the FDA. The kit enables people who think they have allergies to test 10 common allergens, including food, environmental, and animal triggers. The kit includes the items needed to collect a small blood sample from a finger prick, along with a prepaid envelope for mailing the sample to the ImmuneTech lab. Within a few days, the lab test results are returned, indicating whether an allergy was found.

“MyAllergyTest is the first lab-based quantitative IgE test and allergy diagnostic of its kind to use just a few drops of blood to test for 10 separate allergens,” explains Lisa Elkins, CEO of ImmuneTech, Inc. It has been clinically proven to be as accurate as the tests offered through doctors’ offices. The test will have a suggested retail price of $49.95 and will be available at drugstores nationwide.

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