September 25, 2023

Ian’s Foods Launches Allergy Awareness Education Website

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Ian’s, one of the first nutritional companies to aim for allergy-friendly, gluten-free markets, has launched a new website focusing on awareness and education about food allergies and the challenges those with them face. The new website is geared towards explaining the dangers of living with food allergies day-to-day.

Special tools that will be highlighted on the website include:

  • A registered dietitian forum that answers food allergen or general nutrition questions
  • Helpful “Food Allergy 101” facts and information, including a printable guide
  • Easy-to-use search capabilities for users to find the best foods based on intolerances or allergies
  • Information about all of Ian’s products including gluten-free whole grain, organic, non-GMO options and other important ingredient facts
  • “Where to buy” section, plus a shopping cart for online purchasing

The Ian’s website,, launched just before Thanksgiving.

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