A new children’s book features a fairytale princess with a twist. ‘The Princess and the Peanut: A Royally Allergic Fairytale’ by Sue Ganz-Schmitt features a classic tale starring a princess who has food allergies. With nearly six million kids in the US alone suffering from food allergies, the book is sure to be a hit, says theSacramento Bee.

The author, Ganz-Schmitt, also wrote ‘Even Superheroes Get Diabetes,’ and describes herself as a global philanthropist who has made it her mission to address medical issues affecting kids through lighthearted yet informative tales.

She was inspired to write ‘The Princess and the Peanut’ because she has a friend whose daughter has a severe allergy to peanuts. The book pairs a familiar tale with the unfamiliar world of food allergies, providing a resource for families that remains entertaining despite the very serious underlying topic.

In the story, a prince who loves peanut butter searches for a bride. When his princess appears, the queen tries to test her, placing a peanut underneath her mattress. It is then discovered that the princess has an allergy to peanuts. Will the prince give up his peanut butter? The book also includes a kid-friendly glossary and food allergy Q&A section.

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