Many people suffering from food allergies are accustomed to avoiding foods that they think may possibly contain traces of allergens. In the process of trying to avoid an allergic reaction, they also end up skipping many foods that actually don’t contain allergens at all, because they have no way to truly determine whether the food is dangerous.

Screens for peanuts, shellfish, egg, tree nuts and more

A new product could change how those with food allergies go about this process. The “Allergen Beagle” enables those with food allergies to determine whether a food they are about to eat contains something they are allergic to. This food scanner screens for allergens such as peanuts, shellfish, egg, tree nuts, gluten, and lactose.

To use the device, place a sample of the food in a test tube. Then insert the test tube into the Allergen Beagle device. The test line on the beaker will turn dark if the allergen is present in the food.

Designed by Sebastian Goudsmit, the Allergen Beagle is meant to test foods at home. Unfortunately it’s a bit too large to be truly portable enough to use in supermarkets or restaurants. Nevertheless, for those with severe food allergies, this new device offers a promising method for determining whether eating a food is likely to cause a dangerous allergic reaction.

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