Justin Young, whose family owns Chocolate Chocolate in Washington, was born with severe food allergies – allergies so severe that nearly everything the company makes and sells is off-limits to him.

His mother and aunt, feeling for the boy, decided to write a book. It’s part cookbook and part memoir, recounting 10 years of keeping Justin from the hives that would come if he had the treats the family normally enjoyed. His restrictions, which include nuts, dairy and eggs, were such that they had to re-tool popular and family recipes to match his needs.

‘Allergies, Away!’

The result is Allergies, Away!, available on Amazon and in select bookstores, which includes recipes for things like lasagna, chocolate truffles, and more – but without the ingredients that would otherwise cause young Justin to break out in hives.

With alternative ingredients like vegan cheese, soy creamer and so forth, the recipes make many family comfort and treat dishes without the use of nuts, dairy or eggs.

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