Anaphylactic Shock ER Visits in the UK, Canada Have Doubled

The number of children suffering an anaphylactic shock requiring emergency assistance has doubled in the United Kingdom and Canada, a new study says. Peanut allergies and other food allergies are to blame.

In the UK and Canada, more than half of the food-related anaphylaxis in Australia is caused by peanut allergies, the study found. The immune system overreactions have caused a spike in emergency room visits and ambulance calls.

Deaths are relatively rare in the UK, however, with medical reactions having improved.

The improvement of awareness, diagnosis, and care for food allergy sufferers has mitigated the potential fatality of the sharp increase in food allergy reactions, the study found. About 20 people per year die of anaphylaxis from food allergy reactions.

The Canadian study looked at the hospital casualty visits at the Montreal Children's Hospital of the McGill University Health Centre. Rate increases for food allergy reactions sped up in the last two years and doubled over a four year period.

This is consistent with world-wide reportage of anaphylaxis rates.

Source: Western Daily

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