Approximately one out of 13 children under age 18 are allergic to at least one food, though many

If children begin to eat many different foods at a young age, there is much more of a chance

Food introduction can be so much fun. After months of breastfeeding or the repetitive formula

Welcome to the complex world of being a Peanut Allergy Parent. Get ready to proofread food

Since children’s food allergies can resolve, parents may wonder if, or how often they should

Many parents look forward to the fun of introducing solid foods, watching their child's little

Rarely does a parent anticipate having a baby with allergies. Having initial suspicions or

You might have wondered how your family’s adjustment to living with a potentially life-

When a child has a food allergy reaction it is naturally stressful for both parent and

In one survey of 353 food allergic individuals, most under 25, nearly one fourth

The incidence of food allergies has grown, and some daycare and preschool facilities are

When a child is diagnosed with a food allergy, it can be very important to help friends

When a child is diagnosed with peanut allergy, the implications ripple past the parents to

You might have wondered if small amounts of an ingredient can be added to a food product without