September 22, 2023

Kids’ Mild Nut Allergy Reactions Should Be Taken Seriously, The Next Reaction Could Be Severe

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Young children are often sick and develop runny noses, rashes, and mild sicknesses all of the time. Parents do not always know how to react to these because they are typically considered to be a part of childhood and of growing up. There are certain times in a child’s life that these very mild symptoms could point to a serious nut allergy.

If food allergies are ignored, there is a chance that the next time the child eats a particular food, the reaction may be more serious.

Reactions Can Occur From Hidden Nuts

Most parents do not feed young children whole nuts, but it is very common to give children cookies, granola bars, and other baked products that could have nuts in them. Sometimes you can’t see the nuts in baked products, but they are there. It’s important to read the labels of new foods fed to children. Then, if they have a reaction, you have some idea of what may be causing the rash, hives, or runny nose.

No Two Allergic Reactions Are The Same

Although your child may eat nuts and have only a runny nose and coughing for an hour or two, it is important to note this reaction to determine which food is causing the reaction in your child. Each time that a new food is introduced to a preschool-age child, parents need to monitor the child to see if there is any unusual reaction. If the boy or girl continues to eat nuts but is allergic to them, there could be a life-threatening allergic reaction called anaphylaxis that happens in the future.

Children Should Be Monitored When New Foods Are Introduced

It is especially important to monitor young children when introducing peanut butter, tree nuts, and other foods that are common foods that children can be allergic to. The first time that a child eats nuts, only a small amount should be given to him. A reaction could occur within minutes after eating the food, such as swelling of the tongue, tingling around the mouth, trouble breathing, hives, rashes, and dizziness. These are symptoms of anaphylaxis, and emergency medical treatment is required immediately. This serious nut reaction can be life-threatening if not treated promptly.

Parents Need To Recognize Symptoms of Allergic Reactions

It’s important for parents to know peanut allergy symptoms and the symptoms to nut allergies. Both peanuts and tree nuts can cause similar reactions, and both types of reactions can range from mild to serious. If allergies run in the family, especially food allergies, it is even more important that parents monitor their young child as he or she tries new foods the first few times.

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