A 12-year-old boy tried to hurt his new step-mom by hiding peanuts in her toothpaste, knowing that she had a severe allergy to peanuts. According to theCourier News,a court has been told that the “attention seeking” boy, who is now 14, tried to trigger a life-threatening allergic reaction between February 1st and March 12th, 2010.

The boy was apparently struggling with his parents’ divorce, and was tired of being constantly shuffled between two homes and living with new step-parents. Prosecutor David Finch said that the boy was caught after his younger brother revealed his plan to poison his new stepmother with peanuts. At first, he considered slipping peanuts into her food, before settling on the plan to place peanuts inside her toothpaste. Fortunately, she found the peanuts in the paste before brushing her teeth, an action that could have prompted a severe allergic reaction.

The boy’s lawyer, Rob East, says that the boy had no history of bad behavior, and that “he understands the upset it has caused.” Justice Mullins, who recently sentenced the boy to 12 months of probation, commented “Putting peanuts in her tube of toothpaste … can be explained by attention seeking on your part…I’m confident … that you’re likely to be able to stay out of trouble (in the future).”

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