In Indiana, a kindergarten student was recently kicked off the bus after the driver learned that she had a school allergy. According to driver Kelly Carrico, she refused to pick up the child because her insurance would not protect her if she helped the student during an allergy attack.

Carrico, who drove school buses for the Union-North school district, now faces termination. Her attorney, Vincient Captiti, explained the problem: Carrico “ can only get the type of insurance that will cover her in an accident, if she operates the bus wrongfully.” It would not protect her from a lawsuit stemming from her assistance in the event of a medical emergency such as an allergic reaction – or any other medical emergency that may happen on board the bus.

As Carrico’s attorney, Captiti wants the school to either not require Carrico to pick up the student or to accept responsibility if Carrico intervenes during an allergic reaction. The parents of the child say they have had to drive their son to school every day since Carrico refused to pick him up. They are frustrated that their son is caught in the middle of this issue between Carrico and the school district.

What do you think? Should a school bus driver be able to refuse to let a child with peanut allergies onboard?

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