The family of an Irish child who suffers from nut allergies were removed from their flight when the cabin crew found that they could not guarantee her safety aboard the plane. The child had eaten nuts on an earlier flight and gone into anaphylactic shock. She had never been diagnosed with a nut allergy before.

The flight crew asked the passengers if any medical personnel were aboard and were lucky enough to find a allergy specialist on board, who gave the child adrenaline. Teh flight turned around and made an emergency landing back in Dublin where the girl was removed to a hospital and stabilized. She was discharged the next day.

The family attempted to make a new flight and asked the airline to not serve nuts during the flight to Newark. Their return flight, however, was preempted when the flight crew aboard a United Airlines flight back to Dublin said they could not guarantee the child’s safety and removed the family from the flight.

The family eventually found another flight home, but is making their story known as a warning to other parents with undiagnosed children.

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