In Fairbanks, an 8-year-old girl recently discovered that she has outgrown her allergy to peanuts. When Emma Tomeo returns to school next month, she won’t have to sit at the food allergy table in the cafeteria. The second-grader is one of the lucky children who outgrow their peanut allergy before reaching adulthood. According to theFairbanks Daily News-Miner,the news was discovered just before Christmas; her parents say it was the best gift they could have received.

Emma says “I was really really happy” to discover the peanut allergy was gone. “Because I could eat all these new foods I couldn’t try before.” For Christmas, she received a bag of M&Ms. She had never had one, because they are processed in a facility that also processes peanuts.

Her parents, David and Martha Tomeo, were accustomed to taking precautions to make sure that Emma did not come into contact with peanuts. Her mom says “Ever since she was 18 months old, that’s how we had to live our life.” “Having a child with a life-threatening allergy is a constant walk on eggshells,” they explained. Now that they don’t have to avoid peanuts, “Our relief is huge.”

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