September 25, 2023

High School Seniors Barred From Graduation After Smearing Peanut Butter On Campus

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In Sacramento, California, more than two dozen high school students won’t be allowed to walk at graduation. The students were caught spray painting graffiti and smearing peanut butter at their school’s campus.

According to school officials, the vandalism occurred at C.K. McClatchy High School earlier this week. One student, Izzy Gardon – a high school senior who reportedly was not involved with the prank, said “This was, for a lot of people, the last time of being a kid and doing something childish.”

Dangerous Stunt, or Harmless Prank?

Though it has been widely considered a relatively harmless senior prank, Principal Peter Lambert said that the vandalism was actually much more dangerous than it appears. TheSan Francisco Chroniclereports that one student with a peanut allergy suffered an allergic reaction. Other students who had peanut allergies were unable to attend school because of the peanut butter that had been smeared inside the school building.

The vandals also spray-painted profanities, and threw toilet paper and eggs, causing several thousand dollars in damage. According to the Chronicle, school officials are investigating two to three dozen students from the 500-student senior class in connection with the prank, and plan to seek compensation for the damage caused.

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