Researchers at the North Carolina A&T State University have created peanuts that have very reduced allergen levels.

The technology is being licensed to a company called Xemerge, which plans to commercialize the process and bring hypoallergenic peanut products to market.

Xemerge says the technology is “some of the best we have seen” and hypes it as a non-GMO, patented process with human clinical data. What’s more, it does not change the physical characteristics of the peanut or its taste and maintains the peanut’s nutritional value, the company says in a press release.

With peanuts being the most common nut allergy and with about 3 million Americans having a peanut allergy, the market potential for a product like this is huge. Everything from peanut butter to candy bars to cuisine additives could be peanut allergy-free while the peanut itself is one of the most nutritious, natural foods available commonly to the American public.

Allergy experts still warn that products containing these hypoallergenic peanuts may still cause reactions in some people, so challenge checks with an allergist would still be recommended.

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