In an upcoming episode, cooking and home decorating guru Martha Strewart will feature the peanut- and tree-nut- free treats made by Nonuttin’ Foods Inc. The company’s granola bars will be part of the Mother’s Day show, which airs on May 10th on the Hallmark Channel,

Alana Elliott, the founder and owner of Nonuttin’, explained that “The Mother’s Day show is focused on products that mothers just can’t live without.” The focus of the episode is to interview moms to find out what products make their lives easier. Nonuttin’ was one of the products featured on the show.

The Nonuttin granola bars were introduced by Lenore Welby, one of Martha Stewart’s senior producers, who has a daughter with severe food allergies. She says her family can’t live without Nonuttin’ granola bars, which are free from peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, gluten, and several other common allergens, making them safe for everyone in the family to enjoy. The granola bars and other treats made by Nonuttin are popular among families facing food allergies.

After the show airs on TV, it will be available for viewing on Martha Stewart’s website and on

What other allergy-friendly foods and products can’t your family live without?

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