It is estimated that 1 in 50 children in Canada suffer from a peanut allergy. The statistics in the United States are a little more vague. According to the American Academy of Asthma Allergy and Immunology, approximately 1.2% of children in the United States are affected with Peanut Allergy.

The difference in studies and statistics might explain why Canada has firmer manufacturer and product labeling laws and why several large companies/brands have chosen to make a peanut free version of their product/s.

In Canada, when peanut allergic children back to school in a few weeks, there will be even more peanut safe snacks for them to choose from.

“As Canada’s largest grocery retailer and home to many of Canada’s leading brands, Loblaw recognizes the importance of offering peanut-free products and is working towards further expanding the President’s Choice and No Name brands peanut-free lines,” said Claudio Gemmiti, Loblaw’s vice president of grocery, in a statement. “Currently, we’re proud to offer more than 50 peanut-free bakery, confectionary and snack products and our objective is to eventually offer customers more of their favorite President’s Choice and No Name snacks and treats in a peanut-free version.”

Loblaw’s Presidents Choice label has several peanut safe granola bars and have just announced that their Little Penguins Snack Crackers and Bite Size Granola Bars feature peanut-free claims.

Some bakery departments in Canada (in select stores) will now offer freshly baked muffins, cookies and brownies made at Loblaw’s offsite peanut-free baking facility.

While the United States has seen a boom in smaller peanut and other allergen safe brands, foods and facilities; none of the larger US companies have opened completely peanut free facilities.

Ruth LovettSmith is the mother of a child with multiple life threatening food allergies and founder of Best Allergy Sites: Your Food Allergy and Gluten Free Guide

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