A recent study indicates that smelling peanuts or peanut butter is very unlikely to trigger an allergic reaction.

The study involved several known peanut allergy sufferers smelling peanuts in various concentrations.

The study also mixed peanut smells with other smells to mask them so that study participants could not consciously identify the peanuts in the mixture.

Control portions included a group without peanut allergies and a group with peanut allergies smelling items that had no peanuts at all.

The study was conducted at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. Dr. Michael Huckabee at the UNMC pointed to other studies that show that most peanut reactions (about 91 percent) are from people who ingest peanuts versus those who come in contact with them otherwise (smell, touch, etc).

The study was limited in size and scope. A follow-on study is expected to be conducted and to provide results from a larger test group by this time next year.

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