Myriam Ducre-Lemay died in 2012 after kissing her boyfriend goodnight. Her boyfriend had eaten peanut butter on toast and Myriam did not have her Epipen. The young woman died at the hospital. Now her mother is sharing the story to spread awareness.

Micheline Ducre is talking about her daughter’s death from peanut allergy in order to raise awareness. Food allergy-related deaths are highest among teens and young adults. Likely for various reasons, including their more social behavior without adult supervision. This can lead to problems.

Experts say that traces of allergens can remain in a person’s saliva for up to four hours.

Something that Ducre is hoping to make people more aware of. Being allergic to foods doesn’t mean just avoiding eating them. It means avoiding contact with them, which can and may likely include kissing and other close social contact such as sharing drink containers and the like.

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