September 26, 2023

Sarah Jessica Parker Finds Out About Son’s Surprise Peanut Allergy After Food Reaction

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The Sex & the City star discovered her son’s peanut allergy after a babysitter fed him leftover Chinese food, triggering a reaction. Parker’s son, James Wilkie, was rushed to the hospital and recovered soon.

Parker says that the diagnosis was arrived at early in James’ life after the babysitter called her at the dentist to say they had summoned an ambulance when her boy collapsed. The culprit were cold noodles fed to the young child.

The diagnosis had a big impact.

Parker says that her son’s diagnosis of peanut allergy utterly changed their lives. James is now 13 years old and still living with a peanut and hazelnut allergy.

The star says that her and husband Matthew Broderick worked diligently to create an action plan for their son and to monitor his foods until he was old enough to do so himself.

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