A school in Michigan cancelled its annual peanut butter drive after concerns over the possibility of allergies were aired.

The school, LaSalle Catholic Elementary in Windsor-Essex, is part of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul and has held an annual peanut butter drive for charity.

The concerns were made over the phone by a parent, who was not named, and Pamela Baksi, president of the school council, quickly drove to the school to pick up the 200 or so jars of peanut butter already collected and stored in the principal’s office. The drive was immediately cancelled.

Not worth the risk

The drive’s mission was to gather peanut butter as part of a larger collection effort for needy families in a food drive. Baksi said that if the collection effort put others at risk, even minimally, it was counter to the overall mission.

Controversy has arisen since the story first broke in mid-December. Because the jars were brought to school sealed, kept in the principal’s office away from children, and then boxed and delivered to the church’s food bank still sealed, the question of how likely it was that a child would be exposed became a topic of discussion on many an Internet forum.

The school, for its part, stands by its decision and, given the overall goals of the food drive, it would seem in line with their mission that they do so.

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