In Georgia, a high-school teacher is accused of bullying a student with a severe nut allergy by burning a scented candle. The candle, which contained nut oil, apparently triggered an allergic reaction.

The teen’s mom, Shannon Baldwin-Nguyen, explains that the teacher, Lynn Swanson, knew about her daughter’s allergy. The school nurse even warned the teacher not to burn the candle in the classroom, but she apparently did so anyway.

According toCBS Atlanta, 16-year-old Danielle Nguyen was a student in Swanson’s Spanish class last semester. During the semester, she saw the school nurse seven times for allergic reactions that occurred during the Spanish class. Each time, she was treated with Benadryl.

Did the teacher burn the candle on purpose?

After it was determined that the candle was to blame, Swanson agreed to remove the candle. However, Danielle continued to suffer allergic reactions, and failed the class as a result. Her mother later filed a complaint alleging that Swanson “later admitted to lighting the candle all semester but blew it out” before her daughter entered the classroom. Baldwin-Nguyen commented, “I feel that Lynn Swanson knew what she was doing. But she repeatedly burned the candle, day after day after day.”

Danielle toldCBS Atlanta, “I never thought I’d be bullied by a teacher.” In responding to the complaint, the school district issued a statement saying that it had “removed all candles from classrooms” and taken additional steps to protect students with allergies.

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