DBV Technologies announced that their Viaskin peanut allergy patch is heading to clinical trials in France.

The immunotherapy patch works by gradually exposing the patient to an allergen, teaching the body to have less of a reaction. The Viaskin patch aims to lower dangers and costs for immunotherapy treatments for the majority of those who have a peanut allergy.

New trials follow success of previous ones

The first clinical trials were held here in the U.S. with about 100 subjects. The results were deemed satisfactory and were reported to the Food and Drug Administration in late 2011.

Now, a new set of trials is set to begin in France. These trials could pave the way towards making Viaskin a marketable product.

Pending on the results of the upcoming trial, DBV is aiming to release the product to European markets in 2017 and to the U.S. in 2018.

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