If someone in your family has a food allergy, it is easy to feel like you’re battling it alone. But the truth is approximately 3 million Americans are affected by peanut allergies.

We wanted to create a space to bring these people together, allow them share information, and encourage them to ask each other questions. So we developed a Community Section on PeanutAllergy.com.


There are approximately 30 groups in our community that are currently hosting discussions in which you can participate. A few of these include: Adults living with peanut allergy, Allergic Reactions – Stories, and Recipes and Cooking. If you have a question about anything related to peanut allergies, there is a good chance that someone else already dealt with the same issue and can offer advice. This is a great resource to get answers to all of your allergy questions.

Community Conversations

One user asked which brands of bread are allergy safe, and within days she had a long list of peanut-free bread options that other peanut-free families purchase.

Another man asked for advice about how he could raise funds to get an allergy service dog. He quickly received a reply from a man who runs a non-profit that helps fund service dogs. This man shared his email address and offered his services.

This is a community of people who understand what you go through every day in order to stay safe and healthy. So ask your questions, share your stories, and offer advice to other peanut-allergic families. You don’t have to face your peanut allergy alone. You have a whole community.

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