September 25, 2023

Teen With Food Allergy Dies After Eating Takeout Food

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A teenager with a serious allergy to nuts died after just a single bite of chicken and chips from a Wirral, England restaurant. According toBBC, Christopher Smith, 17, died after he went into anaphylactic shock, despite the efforts of paramedics and his mother, a nurse.

Though Christopher knew he had a nut allergy, he had previously eaten the same dish without experiencing an allergic reaction. He was diagnosed with the allergy when he was three years old, and diligently carried an epinephrine pen in case he experienced a reaction.

On the night of his death, Christopher took just one bite of his meal, and then told his mother that he was suffering an allergic reaction. He immediately used an inhaler and antihistamine. However, he refused to use the epinephrine auto-injector, for unknown reasons. Although in the ambulance he was given epinephrine, commonly used to reverse food allergy reactions, he died on the way to the hospital.

The teen, described as a bright student, was planning to study physics at a university. It’s still not known which ingredient in the meal may have caused the reaction. His death underscores the extreme danger faced by those with severe peanut allergies, and serves as a reminder that those with allergies should always carry their epinephrine pen and be prepared to use it.

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