People with a peanut allergy may avoid eating foods fried in peanut oil. There are many doctors who recommend that patients avoid this oil and foods cooked in it for one reason. The main reason being that an allergic person may accidentally eat peanut oil that has not been refined.

Why Is Highly Refined Peanut Oil Different?

Most oil that is used for food processing and cooking in the U.S. is highly refined. This means that it has been processed and the proteins from the peanuts are removed. Peanut protein is the part of peanuts, peanut butter, and other products with peanuts that cause peanut allergy symptoms in those who are allergic to peanuts. With the peanut protein removed, peanut oil should be safe for anyone to eat.

Disposing of Peanut Oil the Right Way

If a family member who is allergic to peanuts is around when cooking with peanut oil, it should be safe for that person. Only your allergist can tell you for sure if you should avoid peanut oil. When you want to dispose of it, or of any oil, it is important NOT to pour it down the sink or into the toilet. This will cause clogging and you will probably need to call a plumber.

The Best Way to Dispose of Peanut Oil is to Recycle It

The best way to dispose of peanut oil is to check with your city sanitation office to see if they recycle oil. If they do, you will need to find out what procedure you need to follow. Not all small towns have the facilities to recycle oil, but it is worth a try to ask.

Alternative to Recycling Peanut Oil

If recycling of peanut oil is not available in your community, you can pour used oil into an empty coffee can or another container with a tight lid. This container can then be placed in your garbage can or in garbage bags. It is important to make sure that it is leak-proof, or you might have an oily mess to clean up.

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