September 20, 2023

What to Engrave on a Child’s Medical Bracelet

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A medical ID bracelet can be a lifesaving device, especially for a child.

Medical emergencies can be unexpected, happening anytime and anywhere. Medical ID tags alert caregivers and first-responders to your child’s unique needs and make it possible for them to treat the condition quickly and effectively once they know exactly what is wrong.

Include specifics

All of your child’s vital medical and contact information should be quickly recognizable on his or her medical ID tag for the EMT to take immediate action. It is important to engrave the relevant information that would be helpful to an Emergency Technician or first-responder in the event that your child is unable to communicate.

Many times, children – especially young children – aren’t really aware of their exact medical condition. A medical ID tag will explicitly and accurately communicate a medical condition to a first-responder.

Get your doctor’s recommendation

Speak with your child’s doctor to find out what he or she feels is important to have engraved on the medical ID tag or bracelet. The doctor can be relied upon to use medical language recognized by medical professionals in order to quickly communicate a condition and proper treatment.

Five must-haves

The following information should appear on a medical alert tag or bracelet. Look for a tag that has enough space to put all of this information:

  • First and last name
  • Medical condition(s)
  • Food or drug allergies
  • Emergency contact number with area code
  • Emergency contact number with area code

Special note on allergies

Allergies appear in a wide range of symptoms and affect individuals differently. The severity of an allergic reaction can depend on the allergen type, the level of exposure and the child’s immune response.

If your child has a severe allergy, it is important to note that on a medical ID bracelet. You are encouraged to use adjectives (e.g., “severe”) to describe the allergic condition. This will fully inform emergency personnel so that their response can reflect the urgency of the medical condition.

Your tag may look like this:

  • John Doe
  • Severe PCN Allergy
  • Carries Epi Pen
  • Mom 555-555-1212
  • Dr. 555-323-2323

Always order two bracelets at a time so that if something happens to one of them there is a back-up.

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