Nima Sensor

At Nima, we recognize that everybody is different, and the food that nourishes one person might not work for another. Mealtime can be very stressful for millions of people who actively avoid certain foods because their health depends on it. We’re here to remove anxiety from your plate with better information about your food. We’re making the unknown, known. Because in the profound and simple act of eating food, worry is one ingredient that doesn’t belong. And we want a world where everyone feels like they have a place at the table....

Let Nima Take the First Bite. Nima empowers you to dine out more often, say yes to catered events, double-check a packaged food, and travel far and wide.

Our Mission. Nima enables people to be their healthiest selves by giving them the power to know what’s in their food.

Nima does this by:

  • Creating people-friendly products that identify ingredients in food
  • Sharing data that tells people what to trust
  • Championing people who care about what they eat