Are you preparing for an upcoming flight on Air Canada? If you have a peanut allergy, be prepared for possible changes in how the airline handles food allergies.

A recent ruling by the Canadian Transportation Agency allows Air Canada to serve snacks and meals that may contain traces of peanuts. The airline is not required to offer peanut-free snacks on its flights, because to do so would “constitute undue hardship” for the airline. Because of the risk of cross-contamination, the airline argued, it would be impossible to guarantee peanut-free snacks for these passengers. If you do have a food allergy, the airline recommends bringing your own food onboard.

In 2010, the Canadian Transportation Agency began requiring airlines to offer a ‘peanut-free’ zone surrounding passengers with allergies. When given at least 48 hours notice, the airline will instruct those seated around the passenger not to eat nuts during the flight.

Air Canada has a spotty history when it comes to their recent accommodations for passengers with peanut allergies. In May, a passenger was denied a seat on his flight because of a severe peanut allergy. Because the airline said he had not provided enough advance notice about his allergy, he was not allowed to board the plane. The passenger was eventually able to re-book a flight with another airline. While Air Canada wouldn’t comment specifically on this incident, it said that it has a clear allergy policy requiring 48 hours advance notice. The airline may also request a medical certificate before allowing the passenger to board the plane.

Do you have any experience flying Air Canada with a peanut allergy?

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